Decentralized financial systems



Lend & borrow stablecoins – with anonymity.

Ruze economy possesses a unique flexible supply mechanism, in the form of a rebase, which adjusts its supply hourly in order to meet an equilibrium.



Our mission is to build the next generation decentralized finance ecosystem with real world use. RUZE will empower the economy with its unique DeFi based borrow & lending ecosystem. Complete with a flexible dynamic supply which rebases hourly to meet supply Vs demand requirements. RUZE is a standalone independent chain, ultimately allowing for heightened scalability & privacy.

Flexible Supply

The RUZE platform is unique in comparison to traditional blockchains, as it has a flexible supply which transforms to its own supply needs, blockchain 3.0 as we call it.

DeFi Refined

RUZE offers a truly simple decentralized lending and borrowing platform, no lock in periods or confusing processes, DeFi simplified.

Asset Wrapping

RUZE offers the ability to wrap any liquid asset with its ecosystem to offer as a lending or loan-able subset. This opens the barriers of traditional DeFi systems.

Network Scalability

The RUZE ecosystem is expected to offer 7000 Tx/s allowing for real world use, without compromise. We are achieving this by utilizing a Direct acyclic graph based blocklattice. 


RUZE offers privacy throughout its ecosystem, with the ability to lend or borrow in a truly anonymous manner by using modern obfuscation protocol methods. With binding contracts only viewable to the two parties involved.


Fixed Transaction Fees

Due to the scalability nature of the directed acylic graph blockchain, unconfirmed transactions will not backlog, as they are near instant, creating the ability to offer close to nil transaction fees.


Earn up to 25% APR interest, with full control & ownership. DeFi refined. 



Estimated customers

Lockable Assets

The tech

RUZE is set to offer some of the most modern finance technologies to date. Privately lend your USDT, USDC, ETH & more whilst still being in full ownership of your assets.

We are building a private lattice based chain for RUZE, which offers some required advantages over Ethereum based projects, as the scalability issue is completely removed from the equation. Complete privacy is another core requirement, which we believe is an absolute must, when it comes to your personal finance. Ease of use is one more core feature in which we are focusing  on, we believe lending should be as easy as sending your coins to your personal wallet & choosing a pause timeframe.

  • Scalability – 100%
  • Privacy – 100%
  • Usability – 100%

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